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Local Grapevine is a free app available on smart phones and tablets to help you find and support local independent businesses in your area.

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Discover local independent cafes, restaurants, gift shops and attractions as well as local on-line businesses in your area.

Morning CoffeeThese are often the businesses that have a lot to offer but can be overlooked when choosing somewhere to visit or buy goods or services from simply because you are not aware that they even exist.

Once you have downloaded the user-friendly Local Grapevine app you will have access to details of local independent businesses showing discounts, prize draws, jobs, news, events and much more, depending on your preferences. Whether you live locally, are on holiday, visiting for the day or studying in one of the local colleges, this app will be invaluable for you to keep up with local events.

We at Local Grapevine feel it is increasingly important that independent businesses are supported during tough times, which in turn helps the local community and economy. Next time you shop give a thought to supporting the small businesses in the area.

Together, let us celebrate and support the commitment, diversity and creativity of our fantastic independent, local businesses and the part they play in our local communities.

App Features


Perform simple searches and filter by Location, Map, Name, Category and open out a whole new world of businesses on your doorstep that you may have been completely unaware of.


Bookmarking your favourite businesses helps to remind you of the places you have visited in the past and ones you would like to visit in the future.  You have the option of receiving notifications when new offers and prize draws are added making sure you don’t miss out on exciting new opportunities.

Prize Draws

Once you have downloaded and registered with the Grapevine app you are able to enter any FREE prize draws that are run by the local businesses – from Tea for 2 at a local café to a beauty hamper or free entry into an activity.

Offers and Discounts

Offers and discounts that the businesses are advertising can be searched and filtered to give easy visibility – if required you can be notified of any discounts that may be of interest to you according to your preferences.

Job Vacancies

Often small businesses put job vacancies in their shop window or advertise locally to attract local staff – this allows you to keep an eye on any job opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Calling all local business owners

If you know of any independent businesses that are not part of this exciting new App then please suggest to them that they register.

The more Local Grapevine is used by both users and local businesses, the more we can grow a fun local community highlighting all that independent businesses have to offer the community.

For Businesses

Local Grapevine is an app available on smart phones and tablets giving independent traders access to a cost effective and targeted marketing strategy. 

Using a self-service portal, you can upload and maintain relevant details of your business including name, logo, address, telephone number and social media links that can be searched and viewed by potential customers.  You can link your business to up to two categories to make the powerful search engine more effective.

However, there is a lot more to the Grapevine App than simply a directory recording and displaying basic address and contact details. 

Using the Grapevine app as a business marketing tool you will have unlimited access to update your profile allowing you to keep your details up to date and help you to reach a large, targeted audience.  As a registered business, the Grapevine App allows you to :-

Features for businesses

Update and maintain your business profile

Maintain any discounts or offers relating to your business

Add your Eco credentials

Create Flash Sales/ News or notifications

Highlight unusual presents or local specialties

Highlight healthy eating options

Add Job vacancies

Add and run prize draws

View marketing analytics

Tag disabled access, Dog friendly, Food allergies etc

Frequently Asked Questions

For Businesses

How do I become a business member and how much will it cost?

It is very simple to add your Business details on to the Grapevine App.

Step 1 – Download the Grapevine App from Google Play or ITunes

Step 2 – Register as a Business User by first registering as a User and click the ‘Business User’ option (you can sign up as a business user at a later date if required)

Step 3 – Answer a few simple questions about your business

Step 4 – We will review your details to ensure it fits into the Local Grapevine definition of an Independent Business

Step 5 – Once accepted, we will send you a notification (within 48Hrs) with details of how to start adding and maintaining your details on to the Local Grapevine App

Step 6 – Enjoy and be part of this exciting new community.

How much does membership cost?

We are currently giving all Businesses that register in September, October and November 2020 FREE access to be included on the Local Grapevine App until January 2021 allowing you access to all functionality for this trial period with no obligations.

Who can be a member?

Local Grapevine features a wide range of local independent businesses which is growing daily and includes an eclectic mix of gift shops, health and beauty, activities, cafes, restaurants etc. etc.

Each business application is carefully monitored to ensure it has the correct profile for the shoppers who download our App who are expecting quality products, good customer service, a professional user-friendly site and shops with personality.  You will therefore know you will be in the directory along with other shops who are, just as professional as yours.  Acceptance of your business is at our discretion

As a guide your business should fit into the following criteria:

  • It is independently owned and based in the UK.
  • The products being sold are not offensive, not considered dangerous and are of good quality.
  • You have a professional and easy to navigate e-commerce website or Facebook.  With clear images, good product descriptions and full contact details.  The store should look loved and interesting.
  • You have a good on-line reputation and good customer service.
  • You are using one or two social media channels which portray the details of your shop
  • Your contact details are displayed on your website/facebook.

1. Update and maintain your business profile

Allowing customers to search for your details by Location, Map, Name, business category etc. You are able to update these details yourself as often required.  There is no waiting for an administrator to update your details – all changes are completed by you in real time if required.

2. Maintain any discounts or offers relating to your business

Discounts you offer over specified time periods will be displayed on the App allowing customers to search for your offers or be actively notified of any current deals that you may have available. Adding discounts or offers to your profile increases your search weighting making it more likely that customers will be signposted to your business.

3. Add your Eco credentials

This gives you an opportunity to showcase how environmentally responsible or sustainable your business is. Customers are increasingly aware of whether the food they are eating is sourced locally or whether items they are buying are manufactured using recycled and ethically-sourced materials etc – now is your chance to demonstrate to your customers how eco-friendly your business really is.  Adding Eco Credentials to your profile increases your search weighting making it more likely that customers will be signposted to your business.

4. Create Flash Sales/News or notifications

This will allow your business to send out flash details to highlight certain short term offers or interesting information that will reach a large, targeted number of potential customers alerting them immediately through the Grapevine App.

5. Highlight unusual presents or local specialties 

Often customers are not aware of the range of exciting items you may have on offer that will help them locate that perfect unusual present for a loved one or perhaps a local delicacy to take back home from their holiday.  This app will enable you to show off items that you are particularly proud of and you think may help customers decide what to buy for that special occasion.  Adding unusual or specialty items to your profile increases your search weighting making it more likely that customers will be signposted to your business.

6. Highlight healthy eating options

Cafes, Restaurants and food shops have the ability to include the vegan, vegetarian, allergy and healthy options they have available.   More and more people are aware of what they are eating and this gives you an unique opportunity to present the details in an easily searchable format.  Adding healthy eating option increases your search weighting making it more likely that customers will be signposted to your business.

7. Add Job vacancies

Often small businesses put job vacancies in their shop window to attract local staff – this allows you to advertise open positions to a much bigger audience – in effect increasing your shop window display.

8. Add and run Competitions

Giving you the opportunity to highlight your business by running competitions. Adding Competitions increases your search weighting making it more likely that customers will be signposted to your business.

9. View marketing analytics

You will have access to data which will include how many customers have signed up to the App, how many viewed your details and whether your business had been selected as a favourite. (Possibly a manual process – retrieved from the database and emailed monthly).

10. Surprise me

All businesses can be included in the ‘Surprise Me’ or Inspiration functionality which allows customers to be able to select the ‘Surprise Me’ button for a specific category and the App will randomly suggest a café, restaurant , gift shop or attraction to visit using the preferences they enter.

11. Charities

Registration for charities will be free and you will be able to advertise the details of your charity and add any future local events you have planned.

12. On-line Only Businesses

Ability for a business to register as an on-line business only – i.e. they do not have a high street presence only internet based.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I delete my user from the App?

Yes, you can delete your user by using the remove from settings – this will delete your details from the database immediately.  You will not be able to retrieve your settings at a later date but you can re-register at any point if required.

How do I know if I have won a prize draw I have entered?

You will be notified via the App and you will receive an email – it is then up to you and the business to arrange how/when the prize will be taken.

What happens if I forget my password ?

You can reset or change your password using the App.

Registered Businesses

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time – if required your details can remain active until your next subscription is due, or you can remove your details with immediate effect.  However, any remaining subscription will not be refunded if you cancel early.

How do I cancel my membership?

It is simple to cancel your membership – navigate to My Account and select ‘Cancel My Account’ – this will delete your account and all related data from our database.  You will not be able to retrieve any deleted data.

How often can I maintain or update my details?

There is no limit to the amount of times you update your details which can become immediately available for users of the App to view.

Do I have to fill in all areas of the app?

No – there is certain core data that you will need to enter including a logo, business name, contact details etc. but it is totally up to you how much you fill in relating to News, Competitions, Offers set – however the more you interact with the App the more you will get out of it.

Do I have to run the prize draw and select a winner ?

No – once you have entered the competition details then Local Grapevine will randomly select a winner and notify both you and the winning entrant.  It is then between you and the winner to liaise between you on how the prize will be awarded.

How can I see how many views my Business has received?

Navigate to ‘My Business; and your Stats will appear at the top of the page.  Adding offers, competitions or news will all increase users engagement with your business.

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